Sponsorship changes lives

Yasmin's Story

Yasmim is 7 years old and came to the project approximately one and a half years ago.  She lived with her mum and her grandmother.

She was a very lively child even though her circumstances were very distressing. Her mother was diagnosed with cancer, and Yasmim accompanied her mother throughout the whole process of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Her attendance at the project was almost like a release treatment for Yasmim as she was able to interact with other children, and this seemed to distract her attention from the reality that she was living at home.

Earlier this year Yasmim’s mother health deteriorated, and this had a profound effect on young Yasmim. She lost interest in coming to the project. Her grandmother did all she could to retain Yasmim’s normal routine, but it was as if Yasmim knew she had to spend this precious time with her mother.

In July this year Yasmim’s mother passed away, and the staff at the project are a support system for and she has regular contact with our psychologist.


Agnes' Story 

I thank God because my parents did not abandon me.  When I started to understand myself, I started to demand my rights of education but my father asked me questions like “How will you go to school and yet you cannot see? The blackboard is very far. It will waste my money.”

I did not lose hope. I believed that God will do miracles. So I started to encourage myself that “where there is no way, God will provide”. I stayed home until my real mother started quarreling about my education issue. My mother was stopped and was ignored and so nothing again took place.

Then came the end of my father’s life, in September 1997. After his death I started to suffer even more because there was no one I can start to explain again about the issue of my education. I waited until 2005 when my mother heard about a blind school.

I finally noticed that when you serve God, He will never forget you. This is why I am here now. I was brought directly to this school by one person from our church. I put my faith in God because it is only in Him that He will sustain my life.

I will continue to serve Him for my life.