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Sponsor a Child

Individual child sponsorship addresses the needs of a specific child. Your giving of $35 per month (or more) will provide food, clothing, educational opportunities, medicine and shelter for a child who otherwise would go without. The children are all connected to a Salvation Army children’s home or programs in one of the many countries The Salvation Army is working in around the world.

As a sponsor of an individual child you will receive a welcome pack which contains a photo of your sponsor child, an information sheet that includes the child’s name, date of birth and a brief history of their current circumstances. You are able to correspond with the child you sponsor through the Child Sponsorship Office in Blackburn Victoria.

If you would like to give a gift of sponsorship to a friend or family member, please contact the child sponsorship team on 03 8878 4543 to arrange this.

To sponsor a child please choose from the options below.

[{"Values":["Africa Zone","Kenya East Territory","Kenya","14"],"DataFormItem":null},{"Values":["Africa Zone","Tanzania Territory","Tanzania","4"],"DataFormItem":null},{"Values":["Africa Zone","Uganda Territory","Uganda","40"],"DataFormItem":null},{"Values":["Americas and Caribbean Zone","Haiti Territory","Haiti","11"],"DataFormItem":null},{"Values":["Americas and Caribbean Zone","Latin America North Territory","Guatemala","1"],"DataFormItem":null},{"Values":["Americas and Caribbean Zone","Mexico Territory","Mexico","1"],"DataFormItem":null},{"Values":["Americas and Caribbean Zone","South America East Territory","Argentina","1"],"DataFormItem":null},{"Values":["Americas and Caribbean Zone","South America West Territory","Bolivia","6"],"DataFormItem":null},{"Values":["Americas and Caribbean Zone","South America West Territory","Chile","2"],"DataFormItem":null},{"Values":["Americas and Caribbean Zone","South America West Territory","Ecuador","3"],"DataFormItem":null},{"Values":["Americas and Caribbean Zone","South America West Territory","Peru","13"],"DataFormItem":null},{"Values":["South Asia Zone","Bangladesh Command","Bangladesh","3"],"DataFormItem":null},{"Values":["South Asia Zone","Sri Lanka Territory","Sri Lanka","2"],"DataFormItem":null},{"Values":["South Pacific and East Asia Zone","Indonesia Territory","Indonesia","16"],"DataFormItem":null},{"Values":["South Pacific and East Asia Zone","Papua New Guinea Territory","Papua New Guinea","4"],"DataFormItem":null},{"Values":["South Pacific and East Asia Zone","The Philippines Territory","The Philippines","25"],"DataFormItem":null}]

Search for a location


Country: Uganda
Age: 10
Gender: Female
Martha is a loving girl who enjoys skipping, listening to music and playing netball. Her parents are both ill and unable to work so life is hard for Martha and her brother and sister.



Country: Uganda
Age: 8
Gender: Female
Piliscila is an active and happy young lady who enjoys playing games outside. She is currently in Grade 3 at Primary school. She is 1 of 5 children.



Country: Uganda
Age: 8
Gender: Female
Sharon lives with her single Mum who is very young. Her father vanished when Sharon was born and her mother dropped out of school to care for the child. With little support sponsorship will help with basic needs and schooling.



Country: Kenya
Age: 8
Gender: Female
Janet is currently in Grade Two at Primary School. She is a shy but friendly young lady who enjoys participating in athletics. She is an only child.



Country: Tanzania
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Jamilah is fourteen years old. She is one of 5 children. Her parents are farmers and their income is low therefore making it a challenge to make ends meet.



Country: Bangladesh
Age: 12
Gender: Female
Rumi is currently in Grade four at Primary School. She is a humble and caring young lady. She enjoys school and learning about religion. She is one of three children in her family.



Country: Bangladesh
Age: 7
Gender: Female
Baishaki is currently in Grade three at Primary School. She is an active and energetic young lady who enjoys playing with her friends. She enjoys attending school and her favourite subject is Bengali. She is one of two children in her family.



Country: Bolivia
Age: 11
Gender: Female
Estefany is a bright girl who is in grade 4 at school and loves her language lessons. She hopes to be a teacher when she grows up and her parents hope she will stay in school long enough to reach her goals.
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