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Centre Sponsorship

The life of an orphaned and vulnerable child is unstable and unfair. When only certain children in the home receive the benefits of sponsorship other children look on and wonder why they are not, feelings of inequality and of not being valued can arise. By choosing to support a centre your gift benefits all of the children involved, ensuring equal opportunity and creating self-worth. Centre sponsorship requires less administration time and reduces costs allowing staff to focus limited resources to benefit the children in their care.

From just $35 a month (you can elect to give more), you can sponsor a Salvation Army children's home or Salvation Army children's programme in one of the many countries the Salvation Army is working in around the world. Your giving will provide food, clothing, educational opportunities, medicine and shelter for children who otherwise would go without.

When you become a sponsor you will receive a welcome pack confirming the name of the children's home or programme, along with a photo and brief description about the service. You will receive an annual newsletter from the centre or programme you sponsor and are welcome to write to the staff and children with words of encouragement.

If you would like to give a gift of sponsorship to a friend or family member, please contact the child sponsorship team on 03 8878 4543 to arrange this.

To sponsor a centre please choose from the options below.

[{"Values":["South Pacific and East Asia Zone","Malaysia","Ipoh Boys Home","iPoh Boys Home","183ff871-865c-49a5-9e70-ab06235eaf33","The iPoh Boys Home is caring for 42 boys at present. The boys all come from dysfunctional families. The Home provides a safe and conducive environment for them to grow up.","3","http://www.my.salvationarmy.org.au/image/sponsorship-project-images/iPOH-Boys-Home.jpg","Residential home"],"DataFormItem":null},{"Values":["South Pacific and East Asia Zone","Indonesia","William Booth Boys Home - Denpasar","William Booth Boys Home - Denpasar","7073c570-29f3-4468-aa83-99e4efb5717a","","4",null,"Residential home"],"DataFormItem":null},{"Values":["South Pacific and East Asia Zone","Myanmar","Yangon Boys Home","Yangon Boys Home","8f377a9f-6d37-4a6c-8930-2232b48af2f3","This Yangon Boys Home accommodates 58 boys aged from 5-20 years. All of the children cared for in this home go to the local Government School. The children are placed in Salvation Army care as their families are not able to provide shelter and food.","4","http://www.my.salvationarmy.org.au/image/sponsorship-project-images/YBH.jpg","Residential home"],"DataFormItem":null},{"Values":["South Pacific and East Asia Zone","Myanmar","Yangon Girls Home","Yangon Girls Home","a6a929f9-cb96-410a-9c55-8d0926d398a0","The Yangon Girls Home accommodates 50-55 girls aged between 2 and 20 years. Priority for admission is given to children who are orphans, or who are orphaned of one parent. Children from very poor families, often from isolated areas are also admitted.","8","http://www.my.salvationarmy.org.au/image/sponsorship-project-images/YGH-2.jpg","Residential home"],"DataFormItem":null},{"Values":["South Pacific and East Asia Zone","The Philippines","Bethany Childrens Home - Quezon City","Bethany Childrens Home","3c822ca5-81a3-45a0-9302-844bdb534724","The Salvation Army Bethany Children’s Home is working and ministering among sexually abused children ages 9-18 years old. The girls coming in are referrals from the Department of Social Welfare and Development.","10","http://www.my.salvationarmy.org.au/image/sponsorship-project-images/Bethany-2012-6a.bmp","Residential home"],"DataFormItem":null},{"Values":["South Pacific and East Asia Zone","Myanmar","PYU Childrens Home","PYU Childrens Home","a997a862-f2bd-463e-bbcf-189969ce16c5","Priority for admission to PYU Children’s Home is given to children who are orphans, or who only have one parent. Children from very poor families, often from isolated areas are also admitted. Many of the children, on admission, suffer from malnutrition.","10","http://www.my.salvationarmy.org.au/image/sponsorship-project-images/Pyu.jpg","Residential home"],"DataFormItem":null},{"Values":["South Pacific and East Asia Zone","The Philippines","Joyville Childrens Home","Joyville Childrens Home","793e5c46-7946-4bf6-80e7-400006c78b42","The Salvation Army Joyville Children’s Home was set up in 1992 for street children gathered from the streets or markets. The children run away from their families for various reasons, a common factor being abuse – physical, mental and sexual.","12","http://www.my.salvationarmy.org.au/image/sponsorship-project-images/Joyville-Childrens-Home-2009.jpg","Residential home"],"DataFormItem":null},{"Values":["Africa Zone","Kenya","Joyland Secondary School","Joyland Special Secondary School","8dd6a7bb-e7c0-4be8-a0c1-2b7fc350d11d","Joyland Special Secondary School performs a central role in shaping the educational destiny of students with physical disabilities. The school currently has a population of 184 students with 112 have various types and levels of physical disabilities","3","https://www.my.salvationarmy.org.au/image/sponsorship-project-images/Joy-Valley-Group-Project-Photo.jpg","School"],"DataFormItem":null},{"Values":["Africa Zone","Kenya","Kibos School for the Visually Impaired","Kibos School for the Blind","f1bc8ee1-6c0d-4a5e-9f2d-769abee9c695","The Salvation Army Kibos School for the Blind has 130 pupils. It was established for the intellectual, spiritual and physical development of visually impaired children. Most of them from very poor families and others who were abandoned due to disability.","4","http://www.my.salvationarmy.org.au/image/sponsorship-project-images/kibos-school-for-visually-impaired-project-photo.jpg","School"],"DataFormItem":null},{"Values":["Africa Zone","Kenya","Thika School for the Blind","Thika School for the Visually Impaired","ff8f56eb-deca-49a4-b28b-1cc81e91860c","Thika School for the Blind is an institution offering learning facilities for children who are visually impaired. There are five programs offered to the children including kindergarten, special class, braille class, low vision class and Braille learner.","5","http://www.my.salvationarmy.org.au/image/sponsorship-project-images/Thika-School-for-the-Blind-Project-Photo.jpg","School"],"DataFormItem":null},{"Values":["Africa Zone","Mozambique","Vilanculous Creche","Vilanculous Creche","e079a386-d3f1-4358-ac51-5c786d409f36","Vilanculos Creche is located in an area affected by HIV-Aids in Inhambane Province. Many children are orphans or vulnerable children and with only 25 children enrolled it is hoped with more financial support that many more children can attend.","7","http://www.my.salvationarmy.org.au/image/sponsorship-project-images/Mozambique---Vilanculous-Creche-Project-Photo-.bmp","Preschool/daycare"],"DataFormItem":null},{"Values":["Africa Zone","Zimbabwe","Howard Hospital","Howard Hospital Children First Programme","0082f29f-ea96-46ca-abaf-9ce3676a7183","The Salvation Army Howard Hospital Children First Program in Zimbabwe was established to help provide orphans and vulnerable children with secondary level education. The target population shall be youth between the age of 12 years and 24 years.","7","http://www.my.salvationarmy.org.au/image/sponsorship-project-images/Zimbabwe---Howard-Hospital-Children-First-Project-Photo.jpg","Program for HIV AIDS orphans"],"DataFormItem":null},{"Values":["Africa Zone","Rwanda","Runda PreSchool","Runda Pre School","1abe9cd8-1a4b-45c9-94cd-a75621f37602","This pre school currently runs without any government or sponosrship support. Most of the children are orphans or come from very poor families. They receive no funding and do not have playground equipment, learning materals, toy or balls for playing.","7","https://www.my.salvationarmy.org.au/image/sponsorship-project-images/Runda-Pre-School.jpg","Preschool/daycare"],"DataFormItem":null},{"Values":["Africa Zone","Uganda","Home of Joy","Home of Joy","408b69c1-3a84-4dec-b9e2-4a7bf0dd0a52","Home of Joy is an orphanage for physically disabled children. The Home shelters 59 children of whom 40 are residents and provides shelter, food, medication, education, mobility appliances, clothing, spiritual care and other domestic needs.","8","http://www.my.salvationarmy.org.au/image/sponsorship-project-images/Uganda---Home-of-Joy-Project-Photo.jpg","Residential home"],"DataFormItem":null},{"Values":["Africa Zone","Tanzania","Kwetu Mbagala Girls Home","Kwetu Mbagala Girls Home","99c62092-d63e-47e2-b7fe-5d7ae15cf6f0","Kwetu Mbagla Girl’s Home is a half way home providing the social and psychological support services to the abandoned young street girls. The primary target group of this project is the most vulnerable, mainly young girls ageing from 5 to 12 years.","11","https://www.my.salvationarmy.org.au/image/sponsorship-project-images/Mbagala-Girls-Home-5.jpg","Residential social centre"],"DataFormItem":null},{"Values":["Africa Zone","Zimbabwe","Howard Hospital","Howard Hospital AIDS Orphans","7d9eff9f-f40a-40c1-9617-fc83e01974c3","Many rural families cannot reach the hospital due to infirmity, so we go to them. Our home-based care team provides dressings, food, medicines and counselling to children suffering the effects of losing parents to the AIDS virus.","11","https://www.my.salvationarmy.org.au/image/sponsorship-project-images/Zimbabwe---Howard-Hospital-Project-Photo.jpg","Program for HIV AIDS orphans"],"DataFormItem":null},{"Values":["Africa Zone","Kenya","Likoni School for the Visually Impaired","Likoni School for the Visually Impaired","bdfccc38-4615-4380-bb3e-61bdd25e2e8c","The Salvation Army Likoni School for the Blind was primarily set up to cater for blind children of this province. Up to 100 children attend the school and most children come from extremely poor families and the need for financial assistance is great.","12","http://www.my.salvationarmy.org.au/image/sponsorship-project-images/Boys-eating.jpg","School"],"DataFormItem":null},{"Values":["Africa Zone","Kenya","Njoro Special School","The Salvation Army Njoro Special School","3edd7115-44a0-48ed-baa8-2f49c6f0e328","Njoro Special School for mentally challenged currently has 50 pupils. The children are of all ages and all have varying mental disabilities. They love to sing and dance and often give hugs!","13",null,"School"],"DataFormItem":null},{"Values":["Africa Zone","Rwanda","Catherine Booth PreSchool","Catherine Booth Pre-School","0a5ea0c7-518e-4a55-8cf3-12d6107f7336","Catherine Booth Preschool was established in 2003 to not only educate the children but also to provide a nutritional breakfast and snacks throughout the day. Malnutrition and anaemia are prevalent in the community, especially in the younger children.","13","https://www.my.salvationarmy.org.au/image/sponsorship-project-images/Kayenzi-3.jpg","Preschool/daycare"],"DataFormItem":null},{"Values":["Africa Zone","Uganda","Tororo Childrens Home","Tororo Childrens Centre","339cbe04-bee1-43d3-8b49-f03c97e71f3b","The Salvation Army Tororo Childrens Home cares for 60 orphaned and abandoned children ranging from 3 to 18 years of age. Many of the children are there as a result of HIV/AIDS and others as a result of accidents, cancer, tuberculosis and natural death.","14","http://www.my.salvationarmy.org.au/image/sponsorship-project-images/Uganda---Tororo-Childrens-Home-Project-Photo-.jpg","Residential home"],"DataFormItem":null},{"Values":["Africa Zone","Kenya","Kuywa Special School for the mentally handicapped","Kuywa Special School","bbd0e5d2-bcdc-4efa-883b-279c30c85009","The Kuywa Special School in Kenya is for the profoundly mentally disabled. Many of the children in the school have either been dumped there by surrounding communities or found in the bush and taken to the school.","14","http://www.my.salvationarmy.org.au/image/sponsorship-project-images/Kuywa-Special-School-201303.jpg","School"],"DataFormItem":null},{"Values":["Africa Zone","Kenya","Kabete Childrens Home","Kabete Childrens Home","fb026eec-4a99-4d09-8ec2-4546563f78ea","Kabete Children’s Home caters for 65 children aged 3 to 18 years. Sadly with high mortality because of HIV/AIDS, road traffic accidents, and poor medical care there are many orphans already cared for by extended families, and some come to us.","16","https://www.my.salvationarmy.org.au/image/sponsorship-project-images/Kabete-childrens-home-project-photo.jpg","Residential home"],"DataFormItem":null},{"Values":["Africa Zone","Kenya","Mombasa Childrens Home","Mombasa Childrens Home","029dcb6e-e0db-4263-b9a4-7b9bd42e16b8","The Mombasa Children’s Home was to improve the lives of orphaned children found in the streets, hospitals, police stations and government children’s departments. There are currently 60 (28 boys and 32 girls) residing at the home.","18","http://www.my.salvationarmy.org.au/image/sponsorship-project-images/MOMBASA-CH-Project-Photo.jpg","Residential home"],"DataFormItem":null},{"Values":["Africa Zone","Tanzania","Matumaini Shule Ya Walemavu","Matumaini Shule Ya Walemavu","0439cd9b-d5e2-411a-bfcb-029ba3025e49","Matumaini is a boarding school for 200 children with physical disabilities. The school is committed to raising awareness within the community in a way that supports and enhances the skills of the disabled.","43","https://www.my.salvationarmy.org.au/image/sponsorship-project-images/DSC087301.jpg","School"],"DataFormItem":null},{"Values":["South Asia Zone","Sri Lanka","Women of Worth Project","Women of Worth","56aad7ae-359c-4b97-987d-1daa11a7f4b5","The Women of Worth Program is made up of women in Sri Lanka who want to make a difference in their own families and communities. The project enables the ladies to earn a small income from stiching sparrows which in turn helps their families.","1",null,"Community program"],"DataFormItem":null},{"Values":["Americas and Caribbean Zone","Uruguay","Independencia Day Care Centre","Independencia Day Care Centre","9859b770-c2b0-4542-9d5e-71cfc023389d","Independencia Day Care Centre is a program for around 95 children from 0-4 years of age in Paysandu City Uruguay. The program provides care, food and education for children while their parents work.","2",null,"Community program"],"DataFormItem":null},{"Values":["Americas and Caribbean Zone","Mexico","Cuernavaca Childrens Home","Cuernavaca Childrens Home","6ec94381-eeac-4b45-b1fe-a308e13716c1","The Salvation Army Cuernavaca Children’s Home provides a safe haven for children ranging from pre-school to high school. The capacity of our home is 46 children. Our goal is to give each child physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual support.","3","https://www.my.salvationarmy.org.au/image/sponsorship-project-images/Mexico---Cuernavca-childrens-home-Profile-Photo.jpg","Residential home"],"DataFormItem":null},{"Values":["South Asia Zone","Pakistan","Jhang Boys Boarding Hostel","Jhang Boys Boarding Hostel","378d0561-bc12-4f2b-96c3-29e2570b3238","This Jhang Boys Hostel is home to 45 boys whose parents are poor and unable to provide financially for their education. The administrators are both teachers and help the boys with their homework as well as teaching them life skills.","3","http://www.my.salvationarmy.org.au/image/sponsorship-project-images/Picture1.jpg","Residential home"],"DataFormItem":null},{"Values":["South Asia Zone","Sri Lanka","Rajagiriya Boys Home","Rajagiriya Boys Home","8b3787b5-8ca9-4233-bea8-1935abbda886","The Salvation Army Rajagiriya Boys’ Home caters for 30 boys aged 5 years to the end of their schooling. The majority of the boys come to the Home from underprivileged families where their parents are unable to provide for their basic needs.","3","http://www.my.salvationarmy.org.au/view.image?Id=444","Residential home"],"DataFormItem":null},{"Values":["South Asia Zone","Sri Lanka","Batticaloa Childrens Home","Batticaloa Girl\u0027s Home","5c507d35-c6d2-4509-a4f9-fbd7b232993b","The Salvation Army Batticaloa Girls Home accommodates up to 20 girls aged 5 years to completion of High School. The majority of the girls come to the Home from underprivileged families where their parents are unable to provide for their basic needs.","3","http://www.my.salvationarmy.org.au/image/sponsorship-project-images/Batticaloa-GH.jpg","Residential home"],"DataFormItem":null},{"Values":["Americas and Caribbean Zone","Haiti","Petit Place Cazeau","Petit Place Cazeau","b220ab8a-59e3-4b26-85ea-af9c9caecb8b","","3","https://www.my.salvationarmy.org.au/image/sponsorship-project-images/Photo-of-kids-for-centre-sponsors.jpg","Program for orphans"],"DataFormItem":null},{"Values":["South Asia Zone","India","Miriam Girls Hostel","Miriam Girls Hostel","d4dbf164-3613-42b8-b904-1f616a27d144","Located in Kaikaluru Town surrounded by many poor villages. Children who come to the hostel are orphaned, semi orphaned or there because of family situation. Parents are agricultural labourers who work and are uneducated illiterates.","4","https://www.my.salvationarmy.org.au/image/sponsorship-project-images/Miriram-Girls-Hostel.jpg","Residential home"],"DataFormItem":null},{"Values":["South Asia Zone","Sri Lanka","Dehiwela Girls Home","Dehiwela Girls Home","745c009a-ccc6-4499-a8f3-6d03d35a88b6","The Salvation Army Dehiwela Girl’s Home Home accommodates up to 50 girls aged 5 years to 21 years of age. The majority of the girls come to the Home from underprivileged families where their parents are unable to provide for their basic needs.","4","http://www.my.salvationarmy.org.au/image/sponsorship-project-images/Dehiwela-Girls-Home-Project-Photo-2012-.jpg","Residential home"],"DataFormItem":null},{"Values":["South Asia Zone","Bangladesh","Jessore School for the Hearing Impaired","Jessore School for the Hearing Impaired","dda8667f-1c29-4248-b2a7-b223f9d13b34","The School for Hearing Impaired Children in Jessor provides education and care to hearing impaired children through appropriate teaching methods and materials with the goal of integrating them into mainstream schools and into the hearing community.","4","http://www.my.salvationarmy.org.au/image/sponsorship-project-images/Jessore-Project-Photo.jpg","School"],"DataFormItem":null},{"Values":["Americas and Caribbean Zone","Jamaica","Windsor Lodge","Windsor Lodge","de94afbf-e392-4e37-8c91-1408235b417c","Windsor Lodge is a Salvation Army Children’s Home that provides a place of safety for up to 60 orphaned, abandoned and abused children ranging in age from 3 to 18.","4","http://www.my.salvationarmy.org.au/image/sponsorship-project-images/Windsor-Lodge-Project-Photo.jpg","Residential home"],"DataFormItem":null},{"Values":["Americas and Caribbean Zone","Ecuador","Mi Casita Day Nursery","Mi Casita Nutritional Centre","78ef5949-f697-41a6-b6e6-4757d273ea96","The Salvation Army Mi Casita Day Care Centre caters for up to 40 Pre School and 120 school age children. The children are provided with care, food and help with their homework.","4","http://www.my.salvationarmy.org.au/image/sponsorship-project-images/Mi-Casita-Project-Photot-2013-12.jpg","Community program"],"DataFormItem":null},{"Values":["Americas and Caribbean Zone","Suriname","Ramoth Childrens Home","Ramoth Childrens Home","3664aabe-7718-461a-91f4-f5156d809062","The Ramoth Children’s Home exists to provide a safe haven for the benefit of abused, neglected and abandoned children between the ages of 2–16 years.","5","http://www.my.salvationarmy.org.au/image/sponsorship-project-images/Ramoth-Childrens-Home-Project-Photo.jpg","Residential home"],"DataFormItem":null},{"Values":["Americas and Caribbean Zone","Argentina","El Redil Childrens Home","El Redil Childrens Home","3f9d3215-873e-4ce5-9131-9fb53fb4abe9","The Salvation Army El Redil Children’s Home caters for 40 children. The home addresses the nutritional needs of the children, dedicates attention to the healthcare of each individual child and guarantees they receive and make progress in their education.","5","http://www.my.salvationarmy.org.au/image/sponsorship-project-images/El-Redit-project-photo.jpg","Residential home"],"DataFormItem":null},{"Values":["South Asia Zone","Bangladesh","Dhaka School for the Hearing Impaired","Dhaka School for the Hearing Impaired","758112a9-5de7-45a6-a0c2-50d27e9b1923","The School for Hearing Impaired Children in Dhaka provides education and care to hearing impaired children through appropriate teaching methods and materials with the goal of integrating them into mainstream schools and into the hearing community.","5","http://www.my.salvationarmy.org.au/image/sponsorship-project-images/Dhaka-Group-photo-project.jpg","School"],"DataFormItem":null},{"Values":["Americas and Caribbean Zone","Jamaica","Hanbury Childrens Home","Hanbury Childrens Home","96590056-0bcd-4a24-b7c0-cdfb7f65c9ed","The Salvation Army Hanbury Children\u0027s Home has the capacity to house 80 children. There are currently 37 children in residence. who have come to the home through the Government Ministry of Health Division as either abandoned, neglected or orphaned.","5","https://www.my.salvationarmy.org.au/image/sponsorship-project-images/Caribbean---Hanbury-Home.jpg","Residential home"],"DataFormItem":null},{"Values":["Americas and Caribbean Zone","Chile","Bonilla Centre","Bonilla Centre","2da49ec8-cf99-434a-9caa-6ac6bd866fcf","The Salvation Army Bonilla Outpost feed 30 children three times per week and tries to provide basic needs for these very poor children. The children come from dysfunctional families and do not go to school.","6","http://www.my.salvationarmy.org.au/image/sponsorship-project-images/Bonilla-Centre-Project-photo-Copy.jpg","Preschool/daycare"],"DataFormItem":null},{"Values":["Americas and Caribbean Zone","Bolivia","Oscar Ahlm Boys Home","Oscar Ahlm Boys Home","321443cc-6bc6-427e-934d-f315a591a71f","The Oscar Ahlm Boys Home accommodates 45 boys. The boys are taken to The Salvation Army for care as their parents often have no housing or employment and are without the means to feed and clothe their children and struggle to survive.","7","http://www.my.salvationarmy.org.au/image/sponsorship-project-images/Oscar-Ahlm-Boys-Home--March-2013.jpg","Residential home"],"DataFormItem":null},{"Values":["Americas and Caribbean Zone","Jamaica","Kingston School for the Blind","Kingston School for the Visually Impaired","0972ccf4-5fec-4eec-8af4-3ab7f82cb1a9","The Salvation Army is the sole provider of a school for blind and visually impaired children in Jamaica. Students are aged 5 – 18 and during term time they remain as boarders at the school, returning home for holidays.","8","http://www.my.salvationarmy.org.au/image/sponsorship-project-images/Caribbean---Kingston-School-for-the-Blind-Project-Centre.jpg","School"],"DataFormItem":null},{"Values":["Americas and Caribbean Zone","Peru","Tacna Centre","Tacna Centre","f676cb11-2495-44d9-b5e7-ac714fbc7d63","The Salvation Army Tacna Centre provides the children with food as well as providing school-reinforcement. Most of the children come from families who have come from Puno and Juliaca escaping from the terrorism and looking for a better standard of living.","10","http://www.my.salvationarmy.org.au/image/sponsorship-project-images/Tacna-Centre-February--2014.jpg","Community program"],"DataFormItem":null},{"Values":["South Asia Zone","Bangladesh","Integrated Childrens Centre","Integrated Children\u0027s Centre","d1578c53-cdff-44d0-a1bd-08076aa1748f","The Salvation Army Integrated Children’s Centre consists of a Home for the poor, orphaned and destitute girls and visually impaired boys and a primary school. The school teaches sighted and visually impaired students up to 5th grade.","11","http://www.my.salvationarmy.org.au/image/sponsorship-project-images/ICC--Project-photo.jpg","Residential home"],"DataFormItem":null},{"Values":["South Asia Zone","Pakistan","Sheikhupura Girls Boarding Hostel","Sheikhupura Girls Boarding Hostel","4d856aff-7dfa-4cb0-94c7-10560ab1db1c","The Sheikhupura Girls Boarding Hostel was set up to accommodate poor children whose family struggle to provide the basic needs for them. There are 50 girls in residence. They are from a variety of backgrounds, the majority from poor families.","12","http://www.my.salvationarmy.org.au/image/sponsorship-project-images/Pakistan---Sheikhupura-Girsl-Hostel-Project-Photo.jpg","Residential home"],"DataFormItem":null},{"Values":["Americas and Caribbean Zone","Haiti","Bethany (Haiti) Childrens Home","Bethany (Haiti) Childrens Home","508f7640-31bb-45b0-a6ad-61381cf1cb24","Bethany Children’s Home provides support to the most vulnerable children in the Fond-des-Negres community. It currently houses 48 Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVCs), providing them with shelter, meals, access and means for education.","13","https://www.my.salvationarmy.org.au/image/sponsorship-project-images/Haiti---Bethany-Childrens-Home-Project-Photo.jpg","Residential home"],"DataFormItem":null}]