Raise funds, raise awareness

If you are interested in organising a fundraiser or you would like to encourage your friends or colleagues to donate money to Child Sponsorship, please call us on (03) 8878 4543. We are happy to help you and we can supply you with the information required to make it happen.

Mordialloc to Port Melbourne by Sean and Allison

"At church one Sunday we heard about a walk to raise money for overseas missions. Allison thought it was something she could do (how hard is walking, anyway!) and went off to get the information. But it looked too difficult, with too many rules, so we decided to organise our own walk instead. We contacted The Salvation Army about our idea and asked if they could look after receipting the sponsors. They agreed, and we came up with the Mordialloc to Port Melbourne Station Pier walk."

"We set a date six weeks ahead and, wearing comfortable shoes, we trained every day. Our hips ached and we were out of breath, but we kept going and before long started to feel better.  We printed off information about the Child Sponsorship Program to have if people asked what we raising money for, and friends and family started to sponsor us".

"When the big day came, we set off from Mordialloc at 7am, enjoyed the scenery, chatted to people, and stopped for short periods (not too long, in case we wouldn’t start again!). Six hours later we reached the Spirit of Tasmania ferry. We ordered fish and chips, fell on the grass and waited for our ride".