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Can't commit long term? 

Your one off gift can make a huge difference!


The Salvation Army have many overseas projects that need financial assistance. With the end of financial year fast approaching if you would like to make a tax deductible one off donation contact us on 03 8878 4543 or email us at childsponsorship@aus.salvationarmy.org or go to www.my.salvationarmy.org.au/just-gifts.

Evangeline Girls Home is a children's Home located in Bolivia that currently accommodates 25 girls. The majority of the girls come from abusive backgrounds with a few being orphaned. The local government has recently stipulated that the Home must employ a social worker and psycologist on a part time basis. Barely affording to keep its doors open we are seeking financial support to provide assistance to the Home. 

$5,000 is required to ensure that the doors stay open. Whether you can afford $10, $50, $200 or $1,0000 or more we would love to hear from you.