Kylie's Story | The Salvation Army

"What I really need is someone to tell me things will be ok. That I'm not on my own. That's what the Salvos do."

"The Salvos have been incredible. They help us out with groceries, and tips on how to make food stretch. They’re helping me work out a payment plan with the power companies, and my rent.

Winter is scaring me though. It’s already cold. But I try not to turn the heating on, to keep costs down. At night Amy jumps into bed with me. The single bed makes it a squeeze, but at least it’s a bit warmer.

Sometimes it all gets too much. The kids pick up a cold and need medicine. The phone rings with the power people wanting their money. The kitchen cupboards are empty.

That’s when I really need someone to tell me things will be OK. That I’m not on my own. And that’s what the Salvos do. I can’t thank them enough".

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