To see why it's so important you become a Salvos Crisis Partner now, you only have to look around you.

You'll see that too many Australians are hurting. They're too old and weak to leave their home. They're broken by illness, and slumped into poverty. They hear daddy hit mummy, and suddenly 'home' is the back seat of a car. They're teenagers, too troubled for family to cope. They're victims of fire or flood or drought or sudden job-loss.

That's where you come in by becoming a Salvos Crisis Partner. With some small loose change each day you can provide so much. As an example your gift of $1.15 a day would achieve in 12 months:

A gift of $1.15 a day for 12 months achieves:

  • A Sunday roast for someone homeless every week for a year
  • Food vouchers for three families
  • Warm clothes for a family
  • One night's crisis accommodation
  • 10 woollen blankets for people on the street in winter
  • 100 meals of hot beef and veggie soup

Give $1.15 per day