Mouse's Story | The Salvation Army

Let me tell you about my brother

“Morgan used to call himself Mouse. When I left Melbourne, I said to Morgan 'I’ll take some video of you'. He was living on the streets, so I didn’t really know when I’d see him again.

My fear was I’d get a call one day and someone would tell me he’d died but I never expected to hear he’d been killed the way he was. It was like a dream,
because I had been trying to find Morgan.

When we were young, we were scared of our stepfather. He was a monster to all of us, but particularly to Morgan. I felt bad I didn’t go in and help, because I still see Morgan’s face looking at me and screaming and it was just horrible. How did this happen to us? How did this happen to Morgan?

I want people to know Morgan had a family who still really cared about him. When I visit Morgan’s spot, I want to stay all night and talk to everybody, because I feel close to Morgan here. I miss Morgan terribly, he was a loving brother with a kind heart who will never be forgotten"

- Michele Perry

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